Flower Card Tutorial

1. Print your file on cardstock.
Be sure to set your margins as close to 0 as possible.

2. Take your card template page and fold at all fold lines.
A bone folder helps make the creases nice and crisp to help your finished card to look nicer.

3. There should be a total of 9 folds when you are done.

4. Cut out your card.

5. Turn your card over so that the printed side is down and
pinch the sides of each petal together until all 6 petals are standing straight up.

6. Gently push all the petals in one direction until they lay flat.

7. You now have a flower card.

8. Tie a ribbon (not included) or something equivalent around the card to hold it closed.

9. Embellish as desired.
This card was embellished with a circle cut out from a piece of background paper.